Unipelli launch his new institutional website

Unipelli launch his new institutional website

With a modern layout, Unipelli’s new portal offers relevant information about his products and services.

Reference in shoe-leathers sector in Brazil, Unipelli just presented his new visual identity. With a modern and intuitive design, Unipelli’s new portal www.unipelli.com.br is now introduced in order to provide easy navigation, quality and practicality to his customers.

The concept chosen for this new website was based on a new marketing strategy along with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the company. This new campaign was developed by Space Propaganda and focused on the renovation of his institutional logo. This new portal presents completely new elements, typography and photos.

Visually, remarks are on application of curves in contrast with all logo lines, resulting in a perfect union of information, layout and design. This new platform, up to dated to all kinds of web browser, was additionally developed in Spanish and English languages.

Unipelli’s customers will easily find all information about company, domestic and overseas representatives, product line and locations.
The renovation of our web site follows our growing in market as well as reemphasize our commitment with our customers, which is to provide always quality services and products, says Mr. Ezequiel Dieter, commercial director of the company. Mr. Dieter reminds that Unipelli’s main goal of this new website is the concept to easily inform about all chemical products, its compositions and proprieties.

About Unipelli

Founded back in 2003, Unipelli was created by brothers Ezequiel and Tiago Dieter, following a family tradition of 5 generations of dedication to the leather sector in Brazil. Dedication, experience and agility in fulfilling customer’s demands were joined. Unipelli now provides products and solutions for beanhouse, tanning, retanning and finishing.

With a highly skilled technical staff, Unipelli is present on whole Brazilian states; customized solutions are offered to customers, additionally by offering all necessary products for the whole tanning process. Besides this, Unipelli’s R&D labs and application labs offers specific solutions, by optimizing his products to customers needs.

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